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Plastic pollution is getting worse: what can we do?

Drowning in waste – it’s time to clean up our act!

Join us on Zoom on Thursday 6th August at 7.30 pm.  Email for an invitation altonclimatenetwork@gmail.com

It is an unfortunate knock-on effect of the need for more effective protection from infection that we are using a lot more single-use plastic.

We cannot do anything about that, but we can make sure we dispose of PPE and all waste carefully.

When ACAN took our Plastics Awareness Campaign on the road, our chief slogan was: “There is no away”

So we in ACAN are joining forces with other campaigners from Binsted and Farnham for another concerted campaigning effort to:

  • Raise awareness of the problem
  • Compile a “Green Directory” of recycling and refill opportunities locally
  • Run litter picking sessions
  • Produce educational materials like Powerpoint presentations to share with community groups
  • Lobby commercial and political leaders to up their game on waste generation and disposal

Come along for an online discussion and bring your ideas to the table.



7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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