ACAN wishes you a happy, healthy and greener New Year! Here, some ACAN members share their resolutions for 2022. (We would love to know your resolutions – do send them via the website contact form.)

I shall monitor energy use to drive down carbon emissions.  I shall also revisit my pension to make sure it is invested in renewable technologies and businesses.  Patrick Busby

I think what I need to do next year is more doing and less thinking about doing! Martin Wiles

I shall walk and cycle more. Sonia Davey

I shall try to reduce how much plastic I buy and encourage others to do the same. Julie Howe

Julie made a Christmas tree from unrecyclable plastics for St Lawrence Church Christmas Tree Festival to illustrate her point. Here is a picture of it.

The sign to the left of the tree reads:  RECYCLE, REUSE and most importantly REDUCE!  This Christmas tree is made up of items that cannot go into the Alton and surrounding villages kerb-side recycling collection.  Some of the labelled plastic can be REUSED intact or changed into other plastic, furniture or fence posts via Terracycle,

All of this huge amount of plastic was collected by a few people in a few weeks, so the Eco Church team is suggesting that you try to REDUCE the amount of plastic you buy, by thinking before you purchase, reusing containers and using the ’fill-up’ shops if you can.

I am going to research more sustainable banking and pensions with a view to making a switch to more planet-friendly companies. Emma Jones

I intend to investigate the new eco wood burners so that the sad-looking empty hearth where we once burned open fires can make our living room warm and welcoming again. Sheila John

I shall be turning the heating down a notch and using extra bed covers instead of heating upstairs. James Willis

I am going to eat less dairy produce. I aim to have three dairy-free days a week. Rick John

The climate crisis and the decline in the diversity and abundance of non-human species are intertwined. I am to spend more time improving our garden for pollinators, hedgehogs and other species – and for carbon sequestration – and supporting the work of ACAN group AVLAN (Alton and Villages Local Action for Nature). Jenny Griffiths

I have been told that cavity wall insulation cannot be done on our house because of side and rear extensions. I want to investigate this further as I believe it must be possible somehow. Angela Slade

I aim to buy more local and seasonal food, including a local veg box scheme. Lesley Willis

I will try to buy what I need in town rather than on-line to support local businesses and reduce delivery miles. Eleanor Hill

My resolution is to save up for a second-hand electric van, which will be useful for me in my job and much better for the environment than my old petrol car. Stefan John

I shall step up my efforts to minimise food waste by only buying what I need, using up leftovers and composting as much as possible. Lynn Bonsey

I am going to minimise the number of new items I buy! I have started already by overcoming my distaste for second-hand clothes and most recently I bought a nearly new M&S cardigan in the Cancer Research shop. I have been needing a new clothes-airing rack for a while and I found one in Resurrection Furniture for £10. I also bought several second-hand items for my grandchildren at Christmas. Philippa Brealey