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Young ACAN is the youth group of ACAN. Like ACAN it has no formal membership – just get in touch to join in. On social media, find them on Instagram @youngacan

Young ACAN was born out of local school engagement with our first Eco Fair in 2021. Several schools provided artwork and speakers and some of those were keen to start a young people’s campaigning group. Young ACAN reaches out through schools, colleges and local youth groups and has a network of Young ACAN Ambassadors who meet regularly.

Their work programme is called “It’s Our Future” and has received Community Lottery funding.

Amongst many other issues, they are concerned about the damaging effect of fast fashion on the environment, about litter and recycling, and about protecting nature. They held two clothes swaps (Back on the Rack) in 2022 and more are planned.

The group also employed a professional to undertake a survey of young people to discover how much they know and care about the climate crisis. We also held an online meeting to present the findings of the survey and discuss its implications.

A schools eco-conference in 2022 was attended by representatives from 12 local schools of primary and secondary ages. More partnership working with schools is being developed.

Here you will find links to videos of the meeting and of Lillie Ewin’s speech as well as the report itself.

This piece features Isobel Goldie, another very good speaker, talking at our Eco Streets party in September 2022:

The next link is to a conversation between Lillie and our town mayor:

This features Lillie again at our local East Hants District Council COP26 event.

And these 2 links talk about our Eco Fair in 2021 which is essentially where it all started:

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Alton Community Share

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Lobbying Group

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Young ACAN

Empowers young people aged 8-24 to take action on the climate crisis.

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