Young ACAN

Young ACAN is the youth group of ACAN. Like ACAN it has no formal membership – just get in touch to join in. On social media, find them on Instagram @youngacan

Young ACAN is reaching out through schools, colleges and local youth groups. They have a growing network of Young ACAN Ambassadors who meet regularly on Zoom.

Their work programme is called “It’s Our Future” and has received Community Lottery funding. Amongst many other issues, they are concerned about the damaging effect of fast fashion on the environment, about litter and recycling, and about protecting nature. They invite you to join them to take action!

Interested in Young ACAN?

local action for nature

Increasing the planting of trees and wild flowers for biodiversity


Growing, eating and cooking low-carbon, locally-sourced food

Repair Café and Community Share

Supporting the repair café, other ideas for repurposing and re-using

Cycle Alton

Safer cycling and better cycling infrastructure


Energy efficiency and renewable energy, schemes to reduce costs

Action on plastics and waste

Working to increase awareness of what can and cannot be recycled

Lobbying and Campaigning

Confronting denial, influencing public opinion, the 3 tiers of local government and our MP

Young ACAN

It’s their future! Young Ambassadors forum, campaigns, events.

no need to join - just join in

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