Cycle Alton

Cycling peacefully through Alton’s High Street

Cycle Alton welcomes anyone who would like to see better conditions for local cyclists.

We launched in May 2020 partly in response to the Covid-19 crisis and partly with the aim of giving Alton’s cycling groups and individuals a campaigning voice for safer cycling and better cycling infrastructure. Our main focus is on short trips made by utility cyclists and commuters, while promoting cycling as the natural choice for short journeys around the town, and to and from the villages.

As well as individuals, our supporters include representatives from the five separate cycling groups in Alton, namely Cycling UK, Alton Cycling Club, U3A Social Cycling, Hearty Riders and the White Hart Vueltas.

Our goals are similar to those of the Living Streets campaign

• Better health, happiness, environment and community spirit

• Better public streetscapes for residents, visitors and businesses

• Less congestion, noise, greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution

Do register as a supporter to receive our newsletters and updates by emailing; and to be part of discussion and debate, and for our latest news, do send us your phone number to join our Whatsapp Discussion Group; tag us and follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, and follow us on Instagram.

Interested in Cycle Alton?

ACAN's Groups and Projects

Action on plastic

Regular litter picks, Terracycle collection scheme, information on recycling.

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Alton Local Action for Nature

Co-ordinates projects and events to help local wildlife.

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Alton Community Cupboard

Helps to reduce food waste. Surplus food given away free.

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Alton Community Share

Reduce waste, save money - games, toys and jigsaws to borrow for free.

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Alton Local Food Initiative

Help yourself to fruit, veg & herbs from ALFI plots. Seed and seedling swaps.

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Alton Repair Café

Volunteers repair clothes, textiles; electronic, mechanical & small electrical items; furniture; bikes.

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Alton Sustainable Eating

Helping us to cut our emissions and improve our health by cutting our meat and dairy consumption.

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Cycle Alton

Promotes safer cycling and improved cycling infrastructure.

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Eco Streets Alton

Bottom-up community action to promote climate resilience at neighbourhood level.

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Energy Alton

Help with saving energy and reducing bills; community renewable energy projects.

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Gumbi Project

Supporting sustainable agriculture in Malawi with the Gumbi Education Fund.

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Headley CAN

Based in the villages of Headley and Headley Down.

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Lobbying Group

Lobbies our MP and local government for urgent action on CO2 reduction.

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Young ACAN

Empowers young people aged 8-24 to take action on the climate crisis.

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