The Food Group takes action on a wide range of issues including the reduction of food waste, particularly through the Alton Community Cupboardwhich redistributes surplus food from supermarkets and individuals to local people; and also understanding of ‘use by’ and ‘best before’ labels and teaching some basic cooking skills. The group has run a six-week course teaching people to cook from scratch, which was positively evaluated.

Reduction of food miles and use of seasonal and local produce are also important priorities, as are the reduction of single-use plastic and other packaging, and lobbying for kerbside collection of food waste. 

The group also promotes vegetarian food choices, because eating less meat, in particular red meat, is an easy way for everyone to reduce their carbon emissions quite substantially – and probably improve their health as well.

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local action for nature

Increasing the planting of trees and wild flowers for biodiversity


Growing, eating and cooking low-carbon, locally-sourced food

Repair Café and Community Share

Supporting the repair café, other ideas for repurposing and re-using

Cycle Alton

Safer cycling and better cycling infrastructure


Energy efficiency and renewable energy, schemes to reduce costs

Action on plastics and waste

Working to increase awareness of what can and cannot be recycled

Lobbying and Campaigning

Confronting denial, influencing public opinion, the 3 tiers of local government and our MP

Young ACAN

It’s their future! Young Ambassadors forum, campaigns, events.

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