This page has suggestions and ideas for businesses, companies and suppliers that offer goods and services for more sustainable living and re-using earth’s resources.

The information on this page is for general information purposes only.  We do not endorse any business and cannot guarantee the accuracy, reliability, suitability or availability of any products or services suggested here.

Look out for the B-corp logo . Accreditation that companies can apply for to demonstrate benefit to all people, communities and the planet.  Worldwide scheme.

Find the Benefit Corporation here  OR  here

Ratings are based on a wide range of criteria such as climate change, supply chains, animal rights etc.

10 ways to make your business more sustainable

Consumers are more willing than ever to invest in non-toxic, eco-friendly products to protect their families and the future of the planet. So it pays for any business to choose more environmentally sustainable practices and to let your customers know.

Looka have published this blog to help businesses focus on sustainability.

Trainline Business have developed a corporate rail travel platform that provides businesses with tools and information to encourage staff to use public transport. Not only does this help reduce carbon emissions, but it also eases congestion and fosters a sense of community among commuters.

FillUP at 15 High Street Alton, GU34 1FG, is a zero waste refill shop where you can stock up on household essentials including store cupboard ingredients, household cleaning products and bathroom essentials – all without single use packaging. Bring your own containers and FillUP with what you need.

Alton Local Food Directory here is produced by ALFI, the Alton Local Food Initiative. It has details of local veg boxes and regular deliveries, shops stocking local food, Alton Market, Hampshire Farmers’ Market, Hampshire Fare Directory and local breweries and distilleries.

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