The Alton Climate Action Network was established in 2019 by Energy Alton, the Alton Local Food Initiative and the Alton Society, building on the work of the Alton Climate Alliance.

It brings people together to tackle the climate emergency by offering a forum for people from Alton and the surrounding villages, organising at least two network meetings a year and encouraging the development of groups on specific issues.

There is no membership – you don’t have to join, just join in.

ACAN also undertakes lobbying and campaigning, confronting denial and seeking to influence public opinion, our MP and the three tiers of local government, working in partnership wherever possible. See our 10 Key Actions For Government and Councils To Help Tackle The Climate Crisis for what we expect government and local authorities to do. Tough targets and immediate action are required.

It provides trustworthy information on the climate crisis and what we can all do to reduce our carbon emissions.

ACAN brings people together, co-ordinates and encourages, but does not itself organise projects or initiatives.

no need to join - just join in

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