By Emma Jones – ACAN

In collaboration with ACAN and ALFI (the Alton Local Food Initiative), as well as with support from Ginny Boxall, Climate Champion for EHDC and young Frankie Morland singer and writer of ‘World in Danger’, I launched a competition after Christmas for children aged between 4 and 11 years old to design an Eco-Hero – a person who does simple acts to help our planet. 

During the Spring Term, I embarked on a small tour of seven local primary schools: The Butts, Bentley, Wootey Junior, Chawton, Andrew’s Endowed, Medstead and Bentworth. The competition was launched in each school in a whole school assembly where the children were asked to consider the wonders of our planet and how and why it is ‘sick’ before being introduced to the notion of people being an Eco-Hero. As well as talking about Sir David Attenborough and Greta Thunberg, the children were introduced to very young Eco-Heroes from Hampshire: Ella and Caitlin who have successfully ended the inclusion of plastic toys in meals from Burger King and McDonalds as well as Frankie Morland who wrote the book ‘World in Danger’ (DK) which was also made into a song as well.

Following the launch of the competition, the children suggested ways that they could become Eco-Heroes by carrying a reusable water bottle; picking up litter; growing own vegetables and flowers and feeding the birds.  Without exception, the children in all the schools I visited were really knowledgeable about the issues facing our planet.  They were able to use words like climate change, pollution and carbon dioxide to describe why our planet is struggling to cope with the modern world.  It was really evident that they care about our planet and with eco-anxiety an increasing issue for many people, it is crucial that our young people are given hope and empowerment, with practical ways in which they can make a difference, however small.

Due to COVID-19, children have plenty of time to complete their entries. I will be collecting them in when schools return so that they can then be judged and then put on display in the Community Hub. As well as children from participating schools, entries would also be welcome from all local primary-aged children.  Please follow the guidelines below and email your entry to:


Calling all Eco-Heroes – your planet needs you!

Children between the ages of 4 and 11 (YR-Y6) are invited to design their own Eco-Hero who can help to save the planet.


  1. Get creative and design an Eco-Hero on a piece of A4 paper: The ‘Eco-Hero’ can be represented either as an original drawing, painting or even as a photograph, either of you dressed up as an Eco-Hero or a 3D object you have made of your hero (e.g. a Lego model or junk model)
  2. Clearly label any special clothes, tools and powers. E.g. water bottle, litter picker
  3. Write your name, school and class (YR-Y6) on the back.
  4. Either return it to your school if your school had a special assembly or email it to:


Two categories: Foundation Stage/ KS1 and KS2

First Prizes: a selection of books about the environment, including signed copies of local Eco-Hero Frankie Morland’s book – ‘World in Danger’

Runners-Up: Signed copies of Frankie Morland’s book ‘World in Danger’


When schools reopen after COVID-19.