HCC Elections – Candidate responses to ACAN’s questions on the climate crisis

  The Hampshire County Council election on Thursday 6th May is our chance to send a loud, clear message to our council that we want urgent, appropriate action to address the climate and environmental crisis that faces us all.

ACAN asked all our candidates 4 questions on the climate crisis. A summary of their responses will be appearing in The Alton Herald and you can read their full unedited replies by following the links below.
  In order to help inform voters in next month’s Hampshire County Council elections about candidates’ policies to tackle the climate crisis, Alton Climate Action Network invited all those standing for election to the Alton Town and Alton Rural seats to answer the following questions:
1.   Describe any actions you have taken in the last 5 years that demonstrate leadership on climate change issues.
 2. If elected, what actions will you take to ensure HCC commits to managing its pension investments to align with the Paris target to limit temperature rise to 1.5oC?
3. If elected, what specifically will you do to help decarbonise transport – including aviation, rail and road?
4. If elected, what actions will you take to make it easier for businesses and individuals to decrease carbon emissions?  Below you can download the full answers received from candidates, listed alphabetically by surname, within division.  
Summarised versions of these replies are to be printed in The Alton Herald.