This new report has been prepared and published jointly by Petersfield Climate Action Network (PeCAN) and ACAN, from an initial spreadsheet and graphics developed by Winchester Action on the Climate Crisis (WinACC), using the 29 June 2023 data release from the Government’s Department for Energy Security and Net Zero (DESNeZ). It is the first time, we believe, that a specific report on greenhouse gas emissions has been published for East Hampshire District from national data.

The available national data covers “territorial” emissions, not the emissions created by East Hampshire residents by consuming goods made elsewhere in the world, and from air travel and holidays abroad. These “consumption” emissions would almost double the total emissions. Individuals and families can take action to reduce these emissions by, for example, re-using and repairing material goods.

The major finding is that 83% of East Hampshire’s territorial emissions come from transport (almost entirely road transport), domestic energy consumption (mainly heating) and agriculture (mainly livestock). The path to territorial net zero will require a focus on these three activities.

We need to achieve net zero by 2035 to keep global warming as close as possible to 1.5 – 2.0 degrees, above which the impacts on human beings and on nature will be increasingly catastrophic. ACAN and PeCAN will be working with East Hants District Council and lobbying government to take urgent action on the three priorities. Please download and read the report, which has a key points summary and many graphs and charts to make it as readable as possible, here:

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