Supporting a climate-resilient community

On Alton Climate Action Network’s (ACAN’s) third anniversary, we are holding an open meeting in the Assembly Rooms (20 June at 7 pm) to discuss how we can build on the achievements of all our wonderful volunteers, who have organised a dozen groups and projects that prevent waste, help nature, lobby government and much else besides.  If we can do more, we have so much to gain – cleaner air and water, better physical and mental health.  We can create a world in which both humankind and nature can truly thrive. 

ACAN’s youth movement, Young ACAN, beseech us to take action so that their future is not darkened by climate disaster.  Across the world, people are already suffering from savage heatwaves, terrifying storms and floods. The United Nations recently published three important inter-linked reports which we must heed.

There is so much we can do to reduce our own household CO2 emissions and, by doing so, create a grassroots movement to show government that we are ready for change.  It really is now or never!  As a community we can come together to make ourselves stronger and more resilient, and enjoy ourselves as well! 

Please come and join us!

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