Plastic waste and recycling are one of the issues most frequently brought to ACAN’s attention and therefore we were delighted when Cllr Steve Hunt gave us the opportunity to undertake a survey.  He made the original version for his councillor use and then offered to help us amend it for our use. Our report is written independently by members of ACAN.

Following the analysis it appeared that the two main issues were:

  • First the level of confusion felt by residents as to what can and cannot be placed in the recycling bin which is perceived to be as a result of poor communication from the council.
  • The second issue is the level of dissatisfaction of the range of materials that can be recycled.

As we as making this report available to the public, we are communicating the key messages of this report to councillors and officers in the Waste Prevention, Recycle and Disposal departments in the county and the district councils.

To address the confusion about what can be recycled, Steve Hunt has recently produced a guide to recycling in Alton which sets out clearly what can be recycled where.

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