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Join us in Paradise – Permaculture in Malawi

Join ACAN for an inspiring event about how permaculture techniques can restore land ravaged by climate change to resilient productivity.

Please email altonclimatenetwork@gmail.com for a Zoom invitation.

  • Luwayo Biswick from the Permaculture Paradise Institute will talk from Malawi about how permaculture can provide for all we need by using our resources wisely.  He will show us virtually at first-hand how permaculture design is climate restorative, resilient and productive.
  • John Vidal will introduce the Gumbi Education Fund in Malawi http://www.gumbieducationfund.org.uk, and their plan to send four young people for training at the Permaculture Paradise Institute. They can train others in the villages to shift from monoculture maize to multicrop permaculture.

The Permaculture Paradise Institute in Malawi is a jaw-dropping example of permaculture in action.  It was established in 2017 by Luwayo Biswick with his wife Grace.  Luwayo has a Diploma in Permaculture Design from Gaia University. http://www.neverendingfood.org/permaculture-paradise-institute/

The Gumbi Education Fund is ACAN’s adopted charity.  We are supporting the training of young people from the Gumbi villages in permaculture to counter the menace of climate change

 If you would like to contribute please donate on www.altonclimatenetwork.org.uk mentioning GUMBI.



2:00 pm - 3:00 pm
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