GENERAL ELECTION 4th JULY: ACAN asks candidates questions on the climate and environment

To obtain an understanding of the views and priorities on the climate and environment of general election parliamentary candidates in the East Hampshire constituency, we have asked them 5 questions. This is an opportunity for candidates to inform prospective voters of their views about what many say is the most important issue of our time. We have asked all the candidates the same questions:

Questions to candidates:

  1. Describe any actions you have taken in the last 5 years which demonstrate leadership on climate and/or environmental issues.
  1. The UK declared an environment and climate change emergency in 2019.  How well do you think successive UK governments have handled that emergency since then?
  1. In 2023 the CCC gave the government a series of recommendations which they summarised in 9 key messages – which of these messages would you get behind in your first year in office, if elected.
  1. What actions to tackle the UK’s biodiversity crisis would you prioritise in your first year in office?
  1. Will you support the Climate and Nature Bill? Yes/No

We have asked candidates to limit their answers to a maximum of 500 words across all 5 questions.

We will publish their responses in full on the ACAN website w/c 17th June, with links to their responses in our “election special” newsletter to all our followers and on our Facebook and Twitter pages. We hope that The Herald will print an extract from the candidates’ responses in their 20th June issue.

Headley Climate Action Network are asking candidates in the Farnham and Bordon constituency the same questions.

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