Less (new) stuff

“When you have enough, you don’t need more.” Reducing our consumption of new stuff is a key way of lowering carbon emissions.

The group strongly supports Alton Repair Café (see their Facebook page) which was launched in September 2019 and has been very successful.  Sessions are held on the second Saturday morning of each month at Alton Community Centre. More volunteers are always needed for mending, especially (but not only) electrical goods.

Another priority is supporting opportunities for people to refill plastic bottles for cleaning products, toiletries etc.  The group also supports and promotes opportunities to swap clothes and other goods, as well as the work of charity shops in the town, and Resurrection Furniture which sells quality second-hand furniture.

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local action for nature

Increasing the planting of trees and wild flowers for biodiversity


Growing, eating and cooking low-carbon, locally-sourced food

Less (New) Stuff

Supporting the repair café, other ideas for repurposing and re-using

Cycle Alton

Safer cycling and better cycling infrastructure


Energy efficiency and renewable energy, schemes to reduce costs

Action on plastics and waste

Working to increase awareness of what can and cannot be recycled

Lobbying and Campaigning

Confronting denial, influencing public opinion, the 3 tiers of local government and our MP

iInformation and Outreach

Leaflets, social media, stalls at events, talks, networking, website

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