ACAN to launch a Community Hub for Earth-friendly living

Appeal for donations

We only need another £3,000 to hit our fund-raising target – please help if you can – every donation makes a difference. Donate via JustGiving or use the details on our Donate page.

“It’s now or never for tackling the climate emergency – we must raise our game”

ACAN is launching a Community Hub in April at Alton Community Centre, offering groups, activities and events for all. It is asking people to come forward to get involved and to donate so that we can open the hub most days of the week.

It is now or never if we are to succeed in reducing greenhouse gas emissions to keep global heating below 1.5 – 2.0 degrees. Our mission is to bring people and organisations together to tackle the climate emergency by raising awareness and through practical action. To increase ACAN’s reach and impact, we need more volunteers to inspire many more people to take action, in their households and in the community. A base at the Community Centre will help to create stronger and wider networks for a resilient, low-carbon community.

We are very grateful indeed to Alton Town Council and individual councillors who have responded so generously to our appeal for funds over the last few weeks. We’ve also had some amazing donations to our crowdfunding campaign, including an anonymous donation of £500 – the donor said, ‘Beginnings … thinking globally, acting locally’, which is so true. 

ACAN want lots of people to join in activities at the Hub. If you would like to be involved in setting up an exciting programme of Earth-friendly groups get in touch on the contact form or email us, to expand the existing volunteer team. We plan to run activities for children, such as a grub club, “talking about climate change” sessions, a refill station to cut down on single-use plastics, arts and crafts focusing on the environment, a group on wildlife gardening, films, talks, social events – and a library of things where you can borrow (rather than buy) useful things for the home, such as drills and other tools. It won’t all be serious – we hope people will enjoy themselves at the Hub.

ACAN believes that community action is critical in the fight against climate change – when people come together they make things happen, they can change the world.

Get in touch with ACAN by email. See also our Facebook page.